PR Week – Depression Awareness 2019

14th May 2019 | 789 views | 221 photos

On 24th April 2019 (Wednesday) a programme of depression awareness titled “Shhh … Depression – The Silent Killer” was held at Pavilion Hall LPPKN Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan. This programme is organized by students of Alpha College of Technology semester 6 BBA-UUM in collaboration with KafeTeen LPPKN S2. The program was inaugurated by En. Andy Bakhtiar (Students Registration of Alpha College of Technology) and Mdm. Solihah (Psychologist). The programme is further enhanced by the presence of Da’i Hakim and Khairul Azhar (Angah).

A total of 40 students from SMK Puteri, Seremban accompanied by three counsellors participated in the programme. Besides, there were students from Alpha College of Technology and other community around Seremban 2. This programme was conducted to raise public awareness on the dangers of depression. The objective of the programme is to promote the LPPKN KafeTeen to the community and facilities provided by the centre, to provide support and motivation to the community through beneficial activities that will help reduce the risk of depression and raise awareness of serious depression and postpartum depression most of whom are faced by the community especially the students.

In addition, it also aims to awaken the community as well as the students to “depression” and provide knowledge in the aspect of science and from Islam religion perspective. The programme was also graced by dance performance from Borneo Society Alpha College of Technology and lucky draws provided, not to forget, there was busking show presented by Pak Ali busker. Apart from that, there was also a slot from the KafeTeen by Brother Haiza who gave a talk about issues among teenagers.

Text by Muhammad Hafifee Asyraff Bin Hamdan (Project Director)