PR Week 2018 – Reading and Writing Awareness Month

16th November 2018 | 1,764 views

Rasah, Negeri Sembilan, Nov 10, 2018- Bachelor of Communication students of Semester 4 from Alpha College of Technology organized a Public Relations Event named “Reading and Writing Awareness Month” with the tagline “Reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out”. The event was organized in a place called “Zemi Garden Wedding Hall” here in Rasah, Negeri Sembilan on 10th November 2018.

The main goal of this event is to educate students to read more books, magazines and newspapers. This idea was triggered because most of the students nowadays seldom read books and they are unaware of current issues because they are being so dependent on new media. Apart from teenagers even adults nowadays have started to shift towards new media and neglecting reading habits. Furthermore, this event was aimed to teach students on how to organize a Public Relations event of their own. This will be very useful for them once they complete their studies and become a Public Relations Officer or practitioners.

The event started at 9am with the registration of students and followed by the arrival of guests and VIPs. Once the guests and VIPs arrived they had their breakfast and the event started right after. The Director of the event, Mohd Shahrul Nizam Bin Zamrul gave his welcoming speech followed by a prayer recital for the success of the event. In his speech he stated that “looking for speakers, financial issues and sponsorship was a new thing for us even though it is our 2nd year”. He added “but it was not the thing. We acted professionally as PR officers and realized it wasn’t a big deal to worry about. Finally we came out with a glorious agreement and cooperate to one another in a way to make this PR event a success.

Right after the speech Puan Mahaya who is the Ketua Satu Persatuan Penulis Negeri Sembilan (PEN) took the stage and taught students more about the proper use of language and grammars. Followed by her, Mr Farhaan Bin Rahmad who is one of Malaysia’s most successful Motivational Speaker shared his experiences during his school life and how did he became a well-known author as well as a voice over artist with the title “Semarak Membaca Segulung Kejayaan”. At 4pm, Mr Da’I Azrin who is a celebrity motivational speaker shared his experience as an author and also a motivational speaker.

The event ended with the prizing ceremony and the presenting of token of appreciation to the guests and VIPs. The organizer team did a great job by choosing reading as their main theme because in current times reading is very vital when people are shifting towards the new media.