Alpha IT Exhibition 2017 : Bring It To Life

13th December 2017 | 1,642 views | 149 photos

All students of Semester Five UUM (BBA) of Alpha College of Technology were introduced to one task which is the Alpha IT Exhibition: Bring IT to Life. In this task, all one hundred and sixty seven of us have been divided into a total of thirteen groups under the topics of Basic Electronics, Troubleshooting, Basic Formatting, BIOS, Mobile Repairing, Windows Server 2012 R2, PC Assemble and Dissemble, Laptop Assemble and Dissemble, Data Recovery Management, Cabling, Firewall, Router and Windows Server 2008. I believe that this exhibition is a platform for us to enhance our knowledge in information technology and as the medium for us to nurture our cognitive development of information technology as well as for us to be exposed towards having good teamwork and cooperation.

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On the 12th of December 2017, located at Alpha College of Technology 170G Hall, the exhibition started at 8.30am and ended around 5.30pm. All Semester Five UUM (BBA) students spent the whole night preparing for the exhibition, making decorations from merely boxes and papers, and lots of hard work in order to transform the empty hall into a world of our own lab. The exhibition was happening and attractive as many staffs, lecturers, and other students of Alpha College of Technology came to give their supports to this exhibition. Around 4pm, the event proceed with a speech by the Project Manager, Miss Cassandra Casimir, followed by the tokens of appreciation to the judges and finally, the prize giving ceremony for the overall winners and best students award. Based on the evaluation and marks given by three judges, five groups were awarded as The Overall Winner of the exhibition. From the fifth place, those winners are the groups under the topic of; “Troubleshooting”, “Mobile Repairing”, “Basic Formatting”, “Router” and the first place goes to the group with the topic of “Windows Server 2012 R2”.

Under the supervision of Mr. Puraverajan, he have awarded five students as the best student in honouring our outstanding excellence throughout the semester. Those students are; Bhavanisri A/P Arumugam, Nur Faqihah Binti Azlani, Nong Nut A/P Bau, Syazwan Bin Mohd Jamil and Cassandra Casimir. All those awards were genuinely given by Abah, Dr. Hamzaid Bin Yahya, with the presence of Mr. Puraverajan as our IT lecturer. The event ended around 5.30 pm with a short speech by our beloved Abah, Dr. Hamzaid Bin Yahya and a photography session of Semester Five UUM (BBA) students with Abah and Mr. Puraverajan.

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Texts prepared by:

Cassandra Casimir
(Project Manager of Alpha IT Exhibition 2017 : Bring IT To Life )